Dos Margaritas Mexican Grill

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I have seen pictures of the Dos Margaritas Mexican Grill online and have wanted to give them a try. When you first walk into this restaurant, you are greeted with beautiful over the top Mexican style décor. From detailed artwork to custom painting, you will feel like you’re in a fiesta tropical forest.

To start the meal out, the chips were ok and their salsa was a little on the salty side. We ordered a bowl of their fresh guacamole and a bowl of their white Mexican melted cheese. (Our son wanted to pick up the bowl and drink the cheese.) You can never go wrong with guacamole and melted cheese as a starter.  Our meat lover enjoyed their steak nachos. The grilled pineapple was a nice twist to the typical steak nachos you find on most Mexican restaurant menus. The taco salad was simple and fresh. Our son ordered their standard soft shell taco with meat, cheese and sour cream.

Overall, the food was ok. The pricing was average. The décor was fun and festive. If you are in the area and Mexican food is a must have, Dos Margaritas should satisfy your craving.





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