How To Find A Good Mexican Restaurant

Moving to a new city can be fun and exciting, but when you don’t know where the really good Mexican restaurants are, that can be a dilemma. Here are a few suggestions to finding a great Mexican restaurant in your own backyard:

  • Ask friends / co-workers
  • Read Reviews
  • Look Online
  • Drive around and look at how full the parking lot is. If it’s full, that’s usually a good sign. Lots of customers typically equals good food.
  • Be daring and just keep trying different restaurants until you find your perfect match.

*The salsa is usually a giveaway as to whether I will like the restaurant or not.

*Service is also key. If your server is friendly, that can add to your opinion, whether good or bad.

There are restaurants that I just won’t go back to. Whether it’s bad food, bad service, unsanitary, or something along that line, it’s an immediate break-up for me. Then there is the next level up. Food is ok to good. It’s close to home. Service is fair. I don’t get too excited to eat there, but if I’m in the mood for Mexican food and it’s my only option, so be it. Then there is the perfect match, great food and great service. When you find that combination without having to drive a long distance, you’re in luck.

If you have found your perfect match Mexican restaurant, share your review with us. We’d love to hear about it.