Mexican Candy

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I have yet to acquire the taste for traditional Mexican candy.  For some reason, I prefer to keep creepy crawly things and other non-appetizing flavors out of my mouth.  There is obviously a market out there for people who love this candy, since it seems to be in many stores across the country.  Whether they are pure novelty or consumed for the taste alone, I will never know.  Most Mexican candy comes wrapped in colorful, visibly appealing wrappers.  This would be perfect for any party and definitely fun to put in a piñata.

  • Salted Plums
  • Sweet and Sour Mexican Candy
  • Habanero pepper spicy lollipops
  • Chili mango jelly beans
  • Tabasco jelly beans
  • Hot & sour powder
  • Tequila worm, scorpion and cricket suckers

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not totally against candy found in the local restaurant markets.  I do enjoy a nice chocolate mint after a flavorful dinner.  I did come across horchata lollipops online.  I will definitely be trying those.  Buttermint creams have been a favorite of mine since childhood.  Then there are ALFAJORES.  These are a must!  To my own personal liking, I prefer the chocolate covered alfajores.  Anything with dulce de leche is good in my book.



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