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Palm trees in Nashville mixed with Mexican food was intriguing. Out of pure curiosity, Pollo Tropical became the lunch stop for the day. The place was packed. I was glad we arrived when we did because there was a restaurant style wait after we left.

With more westerners transplanting to the south, new Cali-mex restaurants are finding their way to the southern states. One of the popular items on the Pollo Tropical menu is their Tropichop bowl. I chose the Vegetarian Tropichop with mashed potatoes as my base, and the works being black beans, tomatoes, corn, sautéed onions and peppers. The tropichop bowl was good and very fresh, but I felt it was lacking in flavor. That was until my husband pointed me towards the large smorgasbord of sauces and salsas. I was in heaven. You have many options to flavor your meal with from pineapple rum to curry mustard. My favorite was the cilantro garlic and the salsa fuego. My son ordered the chicken quesadilla with the first word out of his mouth being “yum”. He devoured bite after bite while dancing to the upbeat Mexican groove playing in the background.

This place was definitely designed for the business professional in mind. I loved the large bench seating. Many restaurants offer free Wi-Fi, but what do you do if your laptop battery is low? Not to worry. They took care of that too with a plugin outlet ready for any business transaction that still needs attention while you’re away at lunch.

Overall, the food was good. The sauce and salsa bar was excellent. The layout and seating in the restaurant was thought out perfectly. The Pollo Tropical has been added to my favorite stops for Mexican food in Tennessee.




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