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Salsa, next to avocados is another staple in our home.  I have always loved salsa, but it wasn’t until my first trip to Dallas that I was introduced to fruit salsa, peach to be exact.  I am not a fruit lover, but the combination of sweet and salty is heavenly.  When I found the calories in salsa were next to nothing, it became my main dipping sauce.  Yes, dipping sauce of every sort is my weakness.  It is yummy on baked potatoes, goes perfect with chips and adds just the right texture to my favorite guilt free snack, cottage cheese (don’t knock it until you try it).  I prefer a chunky salsa where I can taste the chopped veggies and or fruit.  Most Mexican restaurants, however, serve a smoother salsa.  I guess this is the medium between the two.  A hint of advice, don’t fill up on the chips and salsa or you won’t have room for the meal.  At least Mexican food is always good the next day.  Don’t you just love leftovers!

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